Corporate Overview

It is the mission of Cape Fox Corporation to grow and maintain a strong financial foundation by profitably managing financial and land resources to provide immediate and long term economic, education, and cultural benefits for shareholders.

Cape Fox Corporation (CFC) was formed as part of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) of 1971. In accordance with ANCSA, the US Federal Government returned the Alaska Natives (Eskimos, Indians, and Aleuts) 44 million acres and $962.5 million in exchange for the termination of aboriginal land claims. ANCSA led to the development of 13 regional, 4 urban, and roughly 200 Native village corporations. Cape Fox Corporation is the Alaska Native Corporation for the village of Saxman.

CFC began with 198 original shareholders. Each shareholder received 100 shares at incorporation. The 19,800 original shares in CFC reside with original shareholders, have been inherited by new shareholders, or were gifted to immediate family members. There are currently 307 shareholders in CFC to date. Upon incorporation, CFC received just over 23,040 acres of land and $1,091,679.00 cash for extinguishing their aboriginal rights to the land.

For nearly three decades the corporation generated revenue primarily by harvesting timber. However, as the timber industry declined, focus turned to hospitality and tourism, real estate, and federal contracting.

Today, Cape Fox Corporation is comprised of a family of businesses divided between two distinct groups:
The Federal Contracting Group and The Commercial Group. Collectively, CFC and its subsidiaries specialize in information technology; professional services; staffing; construction; wholesaling; property management; hospitality; and manufacturing and assembly.