As Cape Fox Corporation (CFC) grows and becomes more  profitable it will have additional assets to fund enterprises that create a  renewed sense of cultural awareness and pride for shareholders. CFC helps to  fund the Cape Fox Dancers, which immerse dozens of youth  each year in traditional story telling through dance,  thereby allowing them to reconnect with their culture. The corporation funds  their regalia and trips for them to perform outside of the  community.

The Native Village in Saxman, which is part of the shore excursion tours, benefits the entire community both financially and culturally. From the elders who share their knowledge and skills of the past, to the youth who discover they have a desire to know more about how their ancestors lived, funding such endeavors builds pride in the Saanya Kwaan culture.

In addition, CFC donated an 8,000 s.f. building to the Cape Fox Heritage Foundation, a non-profit arm of the corporation. The express purpose of this building, called the Multi-Use Technology Training Center (MUTT), is to bring 8(a) contract work back to the village of Saxman and employ local shareholders.