Cape Fox Corporation has been uniquely affected by the land selection restrictions imposed upon it by the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA).  Like the other southeast villages provided benefits under section 16 of ANCSA, Cape Fox received an entitlement of 23,040 acres. All other ANCSA Village Corporations were restricted from making selections within two miles of the boundary of home rule cities. Cape Fox, however, was distinctly disadvantaged in that it was prohibited from making selections within six miles of the boundary of the city of Ketchikan. As a result of the six-mile restriction, the only land within Cape Fox’s core township available for conveyance is a 160-acre parcel that provides no economic value to the corporation.

In 2007, Senator Murkowski introduced version S.203 of a Cape Fox Land Entitlement Adjustment bill to Congress in an effort to correct the inequities in the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) unique to Cape Fox Corporation.

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