Internship Program


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THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF CAPE FOX CORPORATION (CFC) has directed management to prepare an internship training program.  The managers of CFC are committed to implementing a structured training program that will be known as the Cape Fox Shareholder Internship Program.  An intern is a highly motivated individual who may work a minimum of 20 hours per week under the supervision of a manager of Cape Fox Corporation (CFC) or one of its subsidiaries or business partners.  Internships generally will not exceed 20 hours per week as these are part-time, non-exempt positions with no company benefits provided.  Interns are paid a competitive internship wage.  Assignments are made within a variety of departments and disciplines. Internships are a minimum 3 month commitment and are limited to 1 year training in a position.  Exceptions may be made on a case by case basis.

The purpose of the Cape Fox Shareholder Internship Program is to assist CFC Shareholders, as well as children, grandchildren, and spouses of Shareholders, in finding professional employment within the ANC community.  Whether you’re a recent high school graduate, or receiving your diploma is a distant memory and you are looking to learn new job skills to re-enter the workforce, through the CF Shareholder Internship Program, participants have the opportunity to learn and enhance job skills, knowledge and abilities, and gain marketable experience through valuable on-the-job training.

The intent of the program is to boost job confidence, provide a stepping stone to achieve long-term career goals, and gain structured hands-on work experience side by side with professionals in their field of interest.  The CF Shareholder Internship Program provides practical work experience and allows CFC Shareholders, their children, grandchildren, and spouses to develop marketable skill sets.  Though the program is not limited to summer internship or college attendance as a requirement, if participants are still in school, this opportunity enables a shareholder to combine formal learning with practical experience to improve prospects for employment upon completion of a post-secondary education.  The program can provide a bridge from the classroom to the working world, varying in length and the number of hours worked.  Participants gain real world experience to compliment their studies, while earning cash to help pay for their education.

Locations/training options currently being considered:

CFC Headquarters Office – Ketchikan, AK

  1. Facilities Maintenance  (CF Lodge renovation/improvements)
  2. Property Research  (at Ketchikan Title) [FILLED 2012]
  3. Banquet & Catering  (at Cape Fox Lodge)
  4. Hosting & Food Service  (at Cape Fox Lodge)
  5. Hotel Front Desk  (at Cape Fox Lodge)

CFC Anchorage Office – Anchorage, AK

  1. Office Administration / 8(a) [FILLED 2012]

Future opportunities may be offered within:
CFSS Office – Manassas, VA

  1. Accounting / Finance
  2. Human Resources
  3. IT/Network Management
  4. Contracts Administration/Management
  5. Operations

CFC provides on the job training and experience, and when available pays for computer and/or vocational training for interns to help them obtain the skills and abilities necessary to meet the essential duties and responsibilities of their position.  Interns are expected to complete all training provided by the company.

Within the available disciplines, participants gain valuable, marketable experience in a professional work environment through on-the-job training.  The CF Shareholder Internship Program allows them to apply academic skills to a work environment, learn about workplace ethics, excel in a team environment, and are able to network with diverse groups of people to gain contacts, all while being paid for learning.

Continued employment with CFC will be considered when there are suitable vacancies for placement. Beyond completion of an internship, there is no promise of continued employment. The purpose of the CF Shareholder Internship Program is to provide participants with valuable work experience which will in turn, provide them with marketable skills. This is a benefit for participants whether or not permanent employment is the end result.

CFC will provide a stipend payment per semester to each employed CFC student intern, limited to a maximum of two payments per intern per calendar year (or two semesters).  Amounts will be:

1 class = $750 per semester
2 or more classes = $1,500 per semester

Upon proof of enrollment each semester, the stipend will be paid 90 days after school semester start date.  As these payments are considered regular wages, appropriate taxes will be deducted.

If an intern continues college classes into a subsequent semester and intends on requesting a second CF Education Stipend, they must provide the following to Management with their request:

1) copy of official transcript from the educational institution
2) transcript must show classes were satisfactorily completed from previous semester

Failure to provide acceptable documentation will result in withholding the stipend for the subsequent semester.


The CF Shareholder Internship Program is available to CFC Shareholders, as well as children, grandchildren, and spouses of Shareholders.  Participants must be at least 18 years of age with a good work record and have a high school diploma or GED.  Hiring preference based on applications received will be in the following order:
#2—Children of Shareholder
#3—Grandchildren of Shareholder
#4—Spouse of Shareholder
Spouses are eligible as CFC recognizes the spouses of shareholders support the economic well-being of their shareholder families.


Recruitment is  promoted through CFC shareholder development procedures, including the Totem Times newsletter, email promotions, and at annual Shareholder meetings.    CFC will accept participant recommendations from CFC Board members and other CFC employees, however, management will make the final selection of the successful candidate(s) after completion of a formal application package and interview of all interested individuals is conducted.


Objectives will be identified and set to a structured training program based upon specific positions with routine feedback about the intern’s performance provided.  Feedback will offer useful information for education and career planning.  If the intern’s performance falls below a satisfactory level, they may be separated from the program.

The CF Shareholder Internship Program offers open enrollment with no deadline dates.  Applications will be available online at or contact the Anchorage CFC office at 907-279-0204 and an application can be mailed to you.

Inquiries may be emailed to  All application items must be submitted as a complete package.  A check list will be provided.  A complete packet will include:  CFC Application for Employment, last official school transcript, letter of recommendation, current resume, and responses to essay questions:

1. What interested you in applying for the intern program with CFC and what do you hope to gain or accomplish from the experience?

2. Briefly describe your career goals and how you are currently working on achieving them.

3. In which Cape Fox Corporation departments are you interested in?  Why?
IF SELECTED:  When applicants are accepted for the CF Shareholder Internship Program they may be required to participate in a pre-employment drug test.  Upon passing the test, they may also attend a New Hire Orientation to familiarize them with the program layout and job description.


Participants will be paid a competitive internship wage starting at $11/hour DOE, while they gain valuable work experience.


Intern positions are part-time, and non-exempt positions.  As such, no company benefits are provided.