The Tlingit Natives have a strong sense of family and community.  In preserving our Alaska Native heritage, we continue the belief of not just being a part of a community, but also giving back.  By making our communities strong, we are making each other strong.

Cape Fox Cares

Cape Fox Corporation (CFC) has always been mindful of our social responsibility.  Each year we organize and support many philanthropic events that give back to our communities. In order to deliver the best support we can, we have created a Cape Fox Cares Program. We are caring for our local communities across the nation, wherever Cape Fox exists.  We often support children, our military and first responders, and organizations we believe further and strengthen our communities.  We strive to preserve our culture, educate our youth, and strengthen our communities because Cape Fox Cares.


Children & Community


Our Military and First Responder Community

Lady Kings Basketball

Lady Kings Softball

Boys and Girls Club of Saxman

Tlingit and Haida Headstart Saxman

Junior NBA

Coats for Kids

ANB/ANS Camp 15 Easter Program

ANB/ANS Camp 15 Christmas Program

Annual Picnic

Toys for Tots

2019 Philanthropy Award

Cape Fox Corporation subsidiary Cape Fox Lodge won a Philanthropy award from PeaceHealth for the charitable work they have done throughout the year with their local fundraising efforts.

Community Highlights

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Cape Fox Corporation Gives Holiday Cheer to the Community

Cape Fox Corporation Gives Holiday Cheer to the Community

The holiday season is often about giving to others. Cape Fox Corporation (CFC) believes now more than ever; we need to give back to our communities and to those in need. This year, that is just what CFC did. On December 15, 2020, CFC through its Cape Fox Cares Program gave the gift of food to the Saxman community who are our family and friends. CFC wanted to be sure the community would have the food before the holidays so everyone could enjoy a holiday family meal.

Introducing the NEW Cape Fox Cares Program

Introducing the NEW Cape Fox Cares Program

During these unprecedented times, giving back to our communities has become even more important.  Tlingit natives have a strong belief in family and supporting the whole community.  They believe that by giving back to others, you are making everyone stronger.  The Tlingit natives of Cape Fox Corporation (CFC) have instilled these same beliefs into the organization. As the company continues to grow, CFC recognized the need to establish an organized, planned donation system.  This new program is called Cape Fox Cares.  The purpose of the program is to ensure CFC is giving back in the most effective way while still supporting our communities as much as possible.

Cape Fox Corporation is Giving Thanks by Giving Back

Cape Fox Corporation is Giving Thanks by Giving Back

Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks with family and friends for the blessings in our lives that have occurred throughout the year. While the challenges of this year may make it harder to find those blessings, they are there. Cape Fox Corporation is thankful for its Saxman Village community. To show our gratitude and how much we care, Cape Fox is using this Thanksgiving to give back to the community.

Furthering our Community

  • One People Canoe Society
  • Eugene Trout Scholarship

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