108 Taphouse and Burger Bar opened its doors in 2021 and has stood out from the beginning for its historic location, culinary delights, and relaxed and friendly atmosphere. It provides guests with true Alaskan fare mixed with the creative skills of our chefs and mixologists. In fact, many people remark and leave reviews extolling the food and beverage, ambiance, and community feeling at 108 Taphouse. 108 Taphouse stands out and has garnered attention again with an award from Great Eats as one of the best American Bar and Pub restaurants in Ketchikan.  This is a high honor and well-deserved.

The Great Eats Award is part of a nationwide organization that seeks out great restaurants with the intent of celebrating their unique culinary dishes. They honor some of the best chefs and restaurants in each state and around the world.

108 Taphouse has often stood out from the rest. While the restaurant’s location is historic, having been built in 1900, it became part of the CFC Commercial Group of businesses in 2021. 108 Taphouse offers guests friendly service, an inviting ambiance, and food and beverages that showcase the unique Alaska style. It is where you can get handcrafted spices, burgers made from elk, and drinks that are works of art in a glass. Behind the success of 108 Taphouse is the hard-working, creative employees that have truly made the restaurant stand out. CFC is proud of the team that makes 108 Taphouse stand out. Great job, 108 Taphouse and Burger Bar on your Great Eats award!

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