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Cape Fox Cultural Foundation

When you visit Alaska, you want a truly unique experience. You want to know the Alaska way of life. One of the best first stops on your trip should be the Southeast Alaska Discovery Center. Take a guided hike with a Forest Service employee through the Tongass Forest, where you get expert knowledge on the animals, birds, and plants found there. Or take a step back in time and visit a re-created native fishing village to see how the native Tlingit lived. There are also four main interactive exhibits to see on the coastal rainforest and ecosystem, Alaska Native cultures, other ecosystems of Southeast Alaska, and modern human uses of natural resources. Finally, you can end your tour by visiting the exhibit honoring Elizabeth Peratrovich, a Tlingit civil rights leader, or watch a movie in the Elizabeth Peratrovich theatre.

Before leaving, do not forget to stop by the Cape Fox Cultural Foundation and gift shop. Cape Fox Corporation, in partnership with S.E. Alaska Discovery Center, offers a place where everyone can learn, experience, and shop while being part of the vibrant native cultures of the region. The Cultural Foundation is a place to see many different aspects of art and experience Ketchikan’s legacy in person. Visitors can watch local artists at work with the chance to ask the artist about their pieces and their culture. The art combines traditional heritage with modern art.

Cape Fox Cultural Foundation has three main missions:

  • To deliver educational and cultural services to the public in order to preserve and support the heritage, culture, and future of the Cape Fox community and Southeast Alaska region.
  • To provide unique, focused programs and services to help disadvantaged or struggling members of the Southeast Alaska region become thriving members of their families, communities, and society in a whole, and
  • To encourage charitable and educational activity that has a purpose.

Support Cape Fox Cultural Foundation today and help us educate and preserve our traditions for future generations.

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Nooya Lake Technologies

The health and wellness of communities have become the forefront for many organizations. One of the core concepts for Cape Fox Corporation’s (CFC’s) mission is to support, enhance, and provide for our communities. CFC believes that by making the community stronger, we are strengthening our corporation, our culture, and ourselves. CFC is delighted to announce a new subsidiary to join the CFC business portfolio with Nooya Lake Technologies, LLC (Nooya Lake). Nooya Lake will be a non-profit organization focusing on federal and state grant programs that enhance communities with new and innovative technology solutions. The goal is to transform lives and communities through the research and development of new technologies, educate and prepare a future-ready workforce, and strive for excellence. By working with our strategic partners, we will maintain the native culture while advancing the community into the world of tomorrow by providing easier access to smart and connected healthcare, advanced online education, research, and public safety using drone technology. Nooya Lake’s goal is to attain equity and ensure no indigenous person gets left behind. We are pleased to find new and innovative ways to support and augment our communities with a better quality of life.

At present, Nooya Lake manages and operates Ketchikan Innovation Hub. The Ketchikan Innovation Hub was created to develop emerging smart technologies that provide, enhance, and strengthen native communities. Ketchikan Innovation Hub will bring advanced technologies to help indigenous peoples globally, and one of its first endeavors is to bring Smart City technologies to Ketchikan, Alaska.