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Cape Fox Federal Contracting Group is a premier federal contractor providing government and commercial clients with high-level, emergent technology solutions; tailored, cost-effective professional services; and credentialed innovative healthcare services.  We hire top talent and deliver innovative results to ensure success for both our customers and our employees.

Cape Fox Endeavor, LLC was founded in 2021. It is the newest subsidiary to join the Cape Fox Federal Contracting Group family. Cape Fox Endeavor’s primary mission is to provide efficient and reliable solutions that customers can rely on to solve all organizational challenges. Cape Fox Endeavor offers our customers a flexible solutions-based strategy to all organizational, administrative obstacles to improve the organizational effectiveness for our customers. Cape Fox Endeavor will focus on five areas of expertise, professional, technology, legal, medical, and engineering services. Cape Fox Endeavor will bring expertise from previous subsidiaries and experience in recruiting industry experts to provide agile solutions and attain mission success for each of our customers.

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Cape Fox Facilities Services, LLC was founded in 2007.  We deliver cutting edge scientific and research services, develop and manage human capital services with expertise, passion, and a personalized approach, and provide traditional effective and efficient custodial, security, and maintenance services.  Our proven performance and capabilities have made us an award-winning organization and industry leader.

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Cape Fox Federal Integrators, LLC was founded in 2008.  We are the company to turn to when you need innovative and leading-edge technologies and training and staffing solutions with next-generation capabilities.  We are a strategic, forward-thinking company that specializes in training solutions, emerging technology, administrative and logistical support, and medical support.  We do not just produce the status quo; we give you what you need in the future. We provide services so you can get the mission accomplished today and tomorrow.

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Cape Fox Mission Systems, LLC was founded in 2022. Our mission is to provide a broad spectrum of high-impact, customized, advanced technology solutions to meet our customer’s most demanding needs. As an industry leader, Cape Fox Mission Systems will deliver mission-critical solutions in nine key areas of technology, including Artificial Intelligence Technology, C5ISR, Cloud Solutions, Cyber Security, Engineering and Integration, IT Modernization, Mission Planning, Secure Supply Chain, and Software Development.

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Cape Fox Mountain Point, LLC was founded in 2019, is a newcomer to the Cape Fox family. Cape Fox started in 2003, servicing federal contracts with construction and facilities services, and we will capitalize on all our experience and expertise to expand what has been done in the past. We have a visionary approach to providing the same services, but include innovative solutions, streamline processes, and provide top grade results. We still offer traditional construction, security, custodial, and maintenance services for Government clients, but have expanded our capabilities to meet the growing need to modernize and expand existing buildings and infrastructure.

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Concentric Methods, LLC was founded in 2003. We provide medical, information technology, professional administrative, biosafety, and engineering services.  At our core, we make sure to provide excellent customer service, highly successful retention programs, quality benefits, and lead with exceptional management.  We are proud to have received the Joint Commission’s Health Care Staffing Services (HCSS) Certification as few government contractors possess this achievement.  But, we are one of those government contractors because we get the job done!

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Eagle Health, LLC was founded in March 2007.  What makes us stand out? We care.  We are a professional service company you can trust to provide adaptable integrated solutions and value-driven results for medical services, biosafety and biosecurity, program management, occupational medicine and health services, and professional administrative services. We hire the best talent who continuously excels and gets rewarded and recognized. We stand out from other companies because we care about our employees, our clients, and our results, and this has led to our awards, accolades, and program successes.

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Kwaan Tech, LLC was founded in 2019.  We are committed to producing enterprise and mission success by delivering a wide range of technology-focused digital modernization. We are committed to providing our core competencies of Information Technology, Cyber Security and Command, Control, and Communications (C3). We are a full-service provider who can offer rapid solutions and quality delivery to our Government clients while expanding our capabilities to meet the growing need to modernize and expand existing technology systems and applications.  We are a digital IT leader who can modernize your systems and get the job done…Mission accomplished!

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NAVAR, Inc. was founded in 2005. We started as a commercial company in Ketchikan, Alaska, focusing on local tourism. Today, we have a mission to provide creative ideas, responsive answers, high-quality strategic communications, and comprehensive event management services.  Our main competencies are in media, agile communications, event planning, video production, marketing, social media, and administrative support. We provide innovative award-winning products winning multiple awards including MARCOM and Hermes awards.  We stay on top of trends, use data to measure results, and have become an industry leader for agencies who need an experienced creative team.



Technology is the cornerstone of many industry advances, and technology innovation has significantly expanded into education, healthcare, and many other areas to allow for greater accessibility and equity. Nooya Lake Technologies, LLC was founded in 2023 and will utilize its expertise to offer services to our government customers to address technology innovation, access, and utilization to ensure we bring solutions that matter.

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Saxman One, LLC was founded in 2007.  Our mission is to provide complete logistical support, high level tailored training solutions, and high-quality intelligence support.  We are the experts the government calls to provide an analysis, create a risk assessment, and give a problem and solution approach.  We integrate the latest technologies used for tailored, cost-effective systems, provide expert classroom and field instructors who tailor the curriculum to fit a customer’s needs and deliver high-quality reporting, analysis, and personnel to the intelligence committee.

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Wolf Lake Services, LLC was founded in 2021 and joins the Cape Fox Federal Contracting Group family. Wolf Lakes Services’ primary mission is to help our customers realize significant performance and sustained improvements by creating unprecedented value, providing high customer service standards, and achieving extraordinary results. Wolf Lake Services stands out from the pack for what it offers and what it delivers through our four capability areas: science and engineering, human capital, accounting and finance, and professional services. We may take the lead, but we do it in partnership with our customers to achieve sustainable results. Wolf Lake Services is the leader who can provide the staffing requirements, scientific, health, financial, and professional standards, and the professional knowledge to adapt and strengthen diverse programs. Wolf Lake has a cooperative approach that allows us to work together with our customers to achieve results.

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Find Your Career at Cape Fox FCG

As subsidiaries of Cape Fox Corporation, an Alaska Native Corporation, we are always looking for talented, hardworking employees to join our team. We are proud of our diverse workplaces, our cultural and heritage emphasis, and our focus on giving back to the communities that support us. Join the Cape Fox Federal Contracting Group. We offer competitive salaries, excellent benefits, professional development opportunities, and a fully vested 401(k).