The mission of Cape Fox Corporation (CFC) is to grow and maintain a strong financial foundation by profitably managing financial and land resources to provide immediate and long term economic, education, and cultural benefits for our Shareholders.

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We want to make all Shareholders aware that on August 29, 2021, the U.S. Postal Service increased postage rates from .51 cents to .53 cents. This rate change means that the pre-paid envelopes mailed on August 16th do not have enough postage (as of August 29th), and this will likely impact the delivery of your Proxy if you mailed it on or after that date or if you have not mailed it in by now.

For this year, if you have yet to mail in your Proxy and wish to use the pre-paid envelope, it will be necessary for you to add an additional .02 cent postage to the pre-paid envelope prior to mailing your Proxy to the Inspector of Elections. If adding the .02 cent postage is not a good option for you or if the Inspector has not received your Proxy, we are also mailing all Shareholders another copy of the lilac-colored CFC Proxy and a new self-addressed, postage-paid envelope. The Inspector of Elections must receive ALL Proxies prior to the Proxy deadline of 5:00 p.m. AKST on Thursday, September 16, 2021.

Read the full announcement and learn further how to ensure your Proxy vote is received.

Upcoming Events

September 6th – Labor Day

CFC Manassas and Saxman offices closed

September 16th – Proxy Deadline

Inspector of Elections, Elgee Rehfeld, LLC @ 5:00pm AKST
9309 Glacier Hwy, Suite B-200, Juneau, AK 99801
*Deadline to submit Proxies to the Inspector of Elections to be voted at the 48th Annual Meeting of Shareholders

September 18th – 48th Annual Meeting of Shareholders

Saxman Community Center @ 1:30pm AKST
2841 S Tongass Hwy, Ketchikan, AK 99901
Live stream available on

September 18th – Election of Officers Meeting

MUTT Building, Board Room @ 6:00pm AKST
160/165 Dog Salmon Lane, Ketchikan, AK 99901

Welcome Shareholders

Our Cape Fox Corporation Shareholders include almost 400 Tlingit Alaska Natives who live and work around the world, but who’s heart and heritage lie in Southeast, Alaska and the Village of Saxman. Our Shareholders are the backbone of our corporation.

As CFC grows, we want our Shareholders to continue to feel connected and engaged.  CFC invests in our Shareholders through academic programs and scholarships, employment and training opportunities, and community outreach programs.  A sense of community and familiy is always at the heart of Tlingit natives.  Our Shareholders can feel assured that we work and speak on their behalf to increase the sense of community and family because our Shareholders are the Faces of Cape Fox.

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Shareholder Spotlights

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Shareholder Spotlight – Jennifer Tavares

Cape Fox Corporation (CFC) has employees and Shareholders who are on the front lines of the fight over COVID-19. This year for our CFC Shareholder Spotlight, we are recognizing one of the Shareholders on those front lines, Jennifer Tavares. Jennifer Tavares actually began her career as a pre-school teacher. However, throughout her life, she had a passion for medicine and healthcare. Her husband helped her realize that instead of teaching and caring for young kids, she could expand her skills and do something she loved. So, Jennifer took a leap in her life to do something for which she was passionate, healthcare.

Shareholder Spotlight – Kenneth “Kelly” White

Kenneth “Kelly” White, a CFC Shareholder, began his cultural journey when he was just two years old as a dancer for Cape Fox Tour, LLC. At 14, he transitioned from a dancer into a tour host where he began performing presentations of the Edwin C. DeWitt Carving Center...

Shareholder Spotlight – Krystal Turner

Krystal Martha Joy Turner, a Cape Fox Corporation shareholder, is currently working as a Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) at the Ketchikan Pioneer Home. While ensuring patients are treated with dignity and respect, she works under the supervision of licensed nurses and...