Cape Fox Corporation (CFC) was established in 1973 representing the village of Saxman.

Cape Fox Corporation (CFC) was founded almost 50 years ago as a result of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA).    CFC is the Alaska Native Corporation for the Village of Saxman, Alaska.  For nearly three decades, we generated revenue primarily by harvesting timber. However, as the timber industry declined, we learned to adapt in order to continue to thrive.  We changed our business focus to hospitality and tourism, real estate, and federal contracting. CFC now has several successful, thriving commercial businesses, and a growing federal contracting group.  We have almost 400 Shareholders and over 700 employees worldwide and, in an effort to maintain what our heritage means to us, we make sure we are giving back within those communities.


Cape Fox 2022 Year-in-Review

Cape Fox Year is delighted to debut its Year-in-Review for 2022. The past year was busy, exciting, successful, and welcoming. Commercially, we saw a return of a tourist season, a new business website, and award wins for our commercial businesses. For the Cape Fox Federal Contracting Group (FCG), we debuted a federal subsidiary, gained many new contracts and customers, and saw additional recognition and growth throughout the year.

Cape Fox Corporation Cares for the Community Through the Gift of Sharing

Cape Fox Corporation Cares for the Community Through the Gift of Sharing

The holidays are a beautiful time of the year in Alaska, with snow falling out our windows, presents under the tree, and smiles on family and friends. Cape Fox Corporation (CFC) wanted to ensure the community felt the joy of the season with a holiday food drive for the third year in a row. On December 21st, CFC brought the spirit of caring to Saxman, Alaska, through its Cape Fox Cares Program. Volunteers from Cape Fox Lodge (CFL) and CFC gathered to provide the Saxman community with food this holiday season so everyone could enjoy a family meal.

Shareholder Spotlight – Tlingit Elder Sarah Abbott

Shareholder Spotlight – Tlingit Elder Sarah Abbott

Sarah Abbott is a known Elder among the Tlingit of the Village of Saxman. Her refections of the past remain lessons to future generations. Cape Fox Corporation (CFC) reveres its elders for the knowledge and insights they can impart and the lessons they can teach. This year for our CFC Shareholder Spotlight, we recognize Sarah Abbott as a Tlingit elder, Shareholder, and woman who has passed on traditions that would be of value today to the younger generations.

23,040 Acres in the Tongass Rainforest

It is our Tlingit Natives who define us as people and it is the unique beauty of our ancestral lands that hold much of our history.

The 1971 Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCA) is the largest land settlement made by the US Government in US history. In accordance with ANSCA, the US Government declared approximately 44 million acres (and $962.5 million) of traditional homelands be returned to Alaska Natives.  When  CFC was created, we received 23,040 acres of land.  Our maintained lands offer unique beauty, wildlife, and resources along Southeast Alaska you cannot find elsewhere.  Our lands sit along the coast within the Tongass National Forest which provides trails for hiking, a network of roads to view the coastal line deeper, and excellent sources for subsistence lifestyles.

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