Cape Fox Corporation (CFC) is shining a spotlight on one of its Directors, Stephanie Kolean.  Stephanie was hired as a server for Cape Fox five years ago in 2016.  Due to her strong work ethic and interest in growing not only as an individual but with our company, she was promoted to her current role of Commercial Services Beverage Director in 2019.  Many people in Ketchikan know Stephanie and the work she does creating delicious concoctions of new spirits, beers, and wines.  Stephanie is a strong leader who leads by example.  She exemplifies the spirit of Cape Fox, and we are delighted to honor her with a Cape Fox Tinàa Award for Employee Excellence.

Stephanie was nominated for a Cape Fox Spotlight by Cape Fox Lodge Office Manager Michelle Lewis who works closely with Stephanie daily.  Michelle remarked that, “Stephanie adapted to the constant changes, and continues to do so with ease and in an effortless “get it done” kinda way.   She goes above and beyond to help any member of our team in any way possible-along with always researching the best and newest things to bring to our community.   She embodies the exact definition of what a leader not only is but does.  She works with all the various establishments to ensure quality products are being served and created, along with bringing some crazy and fun new drink options to our restaurants and gift shops.”

Stephanie has exceled at her job.  She oversees ordering supplies for our various locations, stocking and keeping inventories up to date, managing the Cape Fox staff, and helping customers.  She is involved in every dynamic of the commercial businesses and there is no job too small or too big for her to accomplish.  As Michelle continued to note, “she gets it done with a smile on her face.” When Stephanie is not working, she often uses her time off to discover new ideas and options that would add to the appeal of our businesses.  When she is not doing that, she enjoys time with her dog and her husband and cherishes time with her friends.

The Cape Fox Tinàa Award for Employee Excellence is presented to those employees who stand out for their leadership and creativity, and Stephanie exemplifies these traits.  She is a true leader who believes in leading by example, and we are delighted to present her with this recognition.  Thank you, Stephanie!

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