It is October, and that means it is also time to learn who are Alaska’s Top 49ers in business.  Cape Fox Corporation (CFC) has enjoyed five consecutive years of growth.  Last year in 2020, CFC reported its most significant year of growth with over 60% gains in revenue, and this growth is being recognized.  Alaska Business, a monthly Alaska magazine that provides insights, discussions, and spotlights of Alaska business and the various industries throughout the state, has named CFC #28 in top Alaska businesses for 2021.  This year CFC leaped ahead 12 points because of our growth, marking CFC as the corporation with the largest growth. 

Alaska Business is the premier magazine and website publication for businesses in Alaska that covers news and recognition of Alaska businesses from large multinational corporations to small businesses.  The magazine has awarded the Top 49er award to companies since 1985.  This award recognizes companies ranked by their gross revenue.  To be recognized, an enterprise must be at least 51 percent Alaska-owned with operations in the state.  The Top 49er recognition includes Alaska’s major business sectors, including Alaska Native, transportation, oil and gas, finance, construction, and retail.

Last year was unique, and it required CFC, employees, Shareholders, and customers to adapt to new situations.  CFC’s success last year was due to the hard work and unity and our resilience and adaptability.  CFC’s extraordinary growth in 2020 shows that our Cape Fox Team strives for success together.  A company’s success is not accomplished alone, and our Team has shown what can be achieved when a team works in unity.  Our ranking shows more than a company of steadiness and growth but also a company that strives to lead.  Our increase in ranking is more than a number; it recognizes us as a leader among Alaskan businesses.  As a leader, we provide employment, give back to communities, provide education benefits, and continue to maintain the heritage and culture of our organization.  We are a team and a family, and this award is for the hard work and dedication of everyone at CFC.

To read more about the CFC’s 2021 Top 49ers ranking, you can visit The 2021 Top 49ers ( or follow our @CapeFoxCorp on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and LinkedIn. 


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