In 2019, Cape Fox Corporation launched its marketing campaign, Faces of Ketchikan.  This campaign brings together all the Cape Fox businesses to promote what we offer to tourists and visitors in Ketchikan, Alaska.  Now, there is an app for that.  Faces of Ketchikan is excited to launch its new web app with no downloading required. Simply visit from your mobile device so you can have all that we offer at your fingertips any time of day.

The primary objective of our Faces of Ketchikan campaign was to pull together the restaurants, lodging, shopping, and transportation businesses to help tourists gain more understanding and access to all that Cape Fox offers.  We are excited to launch the new website and app to make accessing this campaign even easier and to make touring all that Ketchikan has to offer an experience of a lifetime for our visitors.

Check out the app and view images of Bar Harbor Ale House, Cape Fox Tours, Cape Fox Lodge, The Village Store, and so much more.  The app includes a description for each business offering along with hours of operation, and a map to Ketchikan, Alaska. 

Ketchikan, Alaska, the first city of Alaska and at the southernmost entrance to Alaska’s Inside Passage, holds many secrets, local lore, and rich culture. Discover the Faces of Ketchikan with the best restaurants, shopping, tours, and lodging.

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