The People of the Southeast Wind have lived in the southern Alaska rainforest for thousands of years. This unique little fishing village holds many secrets, local lore, and rich culture. The indigenous natives are renowned for their strong art forms and totems. Today’s Ketchikan has a population of almost 14,000 and includes a diverse group of faces. There are over 80 majestic totem poles in Ketchikan and the largest collection of totem faces in the world. Ketchikan’s native heritage honors the Tlingit traditions that valued strength, family, community, and resilience. These are the Faces of Ketchikan.

In 2019, Cape Fox Corporation launched its marketing campaign, Faces of Ketchikan.  This campaign brings together all Cape Fox family of commercial businesses to promote what we offer to tourists, visitors, and our neighbors in Ketchikan, Alaska.  It is also a place to showcase the diverse group of people who make up Ketchikan.  Now, there is a newly redesigned website,, where you can see even more what makes the people and the place an ideal, unique vacation.

On, you can view lodging, restaurants, shopping, transportation, adventure, and our special events and offers.  The new is your one-stop viewing experience to make touring all that Ketchikan has to offer an experience of a lifetime.

Anyone visiting or living in Ketchikan can also connect to the Instagram and Facebook social media pages for Faces of Ketchikan.  Once there, you can post your pictures with #facesofketchikan.  You can view these posted images on the new website as well to discover the Faces of Ketchikan.

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