It is said that centuries ago, the sea contained mysterious mythical creatures. These creatures were half-human, half-fish called mermaids. Hidden in the vast oceans, they lured men and sailors to grand adventures. While their existence has never been officially proven, along the coastline in Alaska, many tourists and visitors to our shores say they have spotted what looked to be a mermaid. Locals have tales to tell, but they know the best place to spot those beautiful mystical creatures isn’t in the water, but right in downtown Ketchikan at Sweet Mermaids. Have you ever wanted to see a real mermaid?  Now you can by visiting Sweet Mermaids new website,  The new Sweet Mermaids website lures customers to check out all the beautiful culinary offerings and coffee creations found at Sweet Mermaids.

The new website joins the other Cape Fox Commercial digital offerings.  The site showcases the full menu with pastries, breakfast and lunch options, and ready-to-go food.  The website also highlights the Raven’s Brew coffee drinks, hot tea and cocoa, smoothies, and milkshakes. 

Channel your inner mermaid and check out the new website.  Sweet Mermaids is delighted to debut its new website.  Check back often as the menu changes frequently.

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