Employee Onboarding is what occurs in your first days of employment with Cape Fox or one of its subsidiaries. Onboarding is most often led by either Human Resources or a Project Manager.  Having an Onboarding process makes the new employee feel welcome, helps the new employee feel equipped with the necessary know-how to do well in the assigned role, and allows the new employee to learn and become integrated into the team culturally. Over the past year, Cape Fox Human Resources has been working to make its Onboarding process more efficient, effective, and truly showcase what it means to be a member of the Cape Fox team.           

Truly effective Onboarding needs to be more than a meeting with HR. It needs to inform, educate, and help the new hire understand the organization, the benefits, and their role in the organization.  Recently, Human Resources worked with Cape Fox Senior Multimedia Producer Jacob Mosholder to create an Onboarding Video.  The Faces of Cape Fox video is an effective tool in showing the historical and native heritage of the company, creating a framework, showcasing the technology, and finally highlighting the family team-oriented atmosphere which defines working at Cape Fox. 

This Onboarding video also has the benefit of:

  • Providing an engaging, visual experience versus an all-day meeting
  • Significant cost savings when a video can be used for off-site locations
  • Providing more consistent messaging
  • Personalization – video onboarding offers a more personal experience, capturing cultural distinctions

 To view the new Faces of Cape Fox Onboarding video, visit the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zhZLCc66Fso&feature=youtu.be. We welcome any comments, suggestions, or questions you may have about the new video.  You can email communications@capefoxss.com to provide us your feedback.


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