This year’s 48th Annual Meeting of Cape Fox Shareholders (Annual Meeting) was a success.  Cape Fox Corporation (CFC) was delighted to welcome Shareholders once again with the in-person Annual Meeting on Saturday, September 18, 2021.  The Annual meeting is also where the Board of Directors annual election occurs.  This year, we were selecting three Directors to the Board.

CFC cares strongly for the health and welfare of our community.  While we welcomed the return to an in-person format, we remained vigilant about everyone’s wellbeing by ensuring certain parameters were in place.  One of those being the ability for Shareholders to continue to attend the meeting virtually.  At this year’s meeting, we had a successful election and finalized the election of three board members to the Cape Fox Corporation Board of Directors.

CFC appreciates all Shareholders and Board candidates for their participation in the 48th Annual Meeting this year. Full election results and the Board listing include:

Chairman: Richard Shields, Sr.
Vice Chairman: Charles Denny, Jr.
President: Clifford Blair
Vice President: Tom Harris
Secretary/Treasurer: Candace Williams
Vice Secretary/Vice Treasurer: Crystal Blair
Director: Michael DeWitt
Director: Albert White
Director: Harvey Shields

Congratulations and welcome to the 2021-2022 elected Board of Directors!

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