The landscape for 2020 was ever-changing and required us to adapt continuously.  The one constant throughout this entire year was the growth and constancy of Cape Fox Corporation (CFC).  This is important to note because, among similar companies, a recent study showed:

  • 50% Did not grow at all but broke even from the previous year
  • 25% Lost business and revenue
  • 25% Had growth, but not the level CFC had

CFC had record growth for 2020, and we are projecting another year of growth for 2021.  While this year had many challenges, we see hope on the horizon for 2021.  There will be a new vaccine for COVID, our lives could return to some level of normalcy, and Cape Fox will have a fifth year of growth in 2021.

When 2020 started, we could not have predicted what everyone would experience. We saw tremendous challenges of a worldwide pandemic, the rise and fall of global markets, job loss, economic downturns, and a future that felt uncertain. CFC continued forward throughout all the challenges. While our Commercial businesses felt the most considerable impact due to the loss of the tourist season, they endured by offering new menus, delivery options, and a new food ordering app. 2020 also brought updated websites, redesigned logos, CFC brand increase through social media and video, new clients, new contract wins, new programs, and updated computer systems.

Even during this unprecedented year, CFC stood strong and resilient. The most substantial proof of this is when we view our annual revenue growth. In 2020, the Commercial businesses revenue still reached $4 Million even with a loss of the tourism season, and the Federal Contracting Group ended the year with revenue around $110 Million. This is a consolidated revenue gain of 40% from 2019. This is significant record growth for CFC during a challenging year. When you look back at the report of other similar companies, not many experienced revenue growth of this magnitude; this is a true testament to CFC’s strength and resiliency and the dedication and hard work of our employees, customers, and Share- holders. CFC is a team, and as we start another year, our team allow us to hope that 2021 will be another year of growth.

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