The holidays are a beautiful time of the year in Alaska, with snow falling out our windows, presents under the tree, and smiles on family and friends. Cape Fox Corporation (CFC) wanted to ensure the community felt the joy of the season with a holiday food drive for the third year in a row. On December 21st, CFC brought the spirit of caring to Saxman, Alaska, through its Cape Fox Cares Program. Volunteers from Cape Fox Lodge (CFL) and CFC gathered to provide the Saxman community with food this holiday season so everyone could enjoy a family meal.

The spirits of our volunteers were high as they provided 130 families in Saxman with an 8lb. honey ham, a braid of sourdough rolls, mashed potatoes, stuffing, green beans, fruit, cranberry sauce, and a pumpkin pie. This year saw more volunteers than ever to deliver the delicious provisions, with 21 volunteers from CFL and CFC. CFC is honored to have dedicated employees who volunteered their time during the holidays to provide gifts of food to their neighbors, friends, and family. While we gave our community the gift of a holiday meal, CFC received a much bigger gift from the community with their smiles and words of appreciation. CFC would like to give a special thank you to the organizers and the volunteers of this fantastic event. 


David Guthrie
Larry Dewitt
Dexter Percival
Gary Reisner
Frank Seludo
Lawrence Shields
Thomas Shields
Chris Lemorand
Derek Wollgast
Monika Seludo
Kody Jenks-Dixon
Ken Truitt
Anna Robinson
Denny Blair
Billy Joe Thomas
Stephanie Kolean
David Harwood
Cassius Seludo
Jasmine Thomas
Percy Sayes 


This food drive was sponsored by Cape Fox Cares, CFC’s fundraiser program. The program’s purpose is to ensure CFC is giving back in the most effective way while supporting our communities as much as possible.

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