Last year was about adapting.  The 47th Annual Meeting of Cape Fox Shareholders (Annual Meeting) was no exception.  The Annual Meeting was originally scheduled to occur on November 7, 2020.  However, as a result of the pandemic, and to ensure everyone’s safety, the decision was made to call the Annual Meeting to order and then adjorn until January 30, 2021.  Moving the activities of the Annual Meeting meant that the Board Elections were also postponed.

On January 30, 2021, the 47th Annual Meeting was held along with the elections for the Board, and it was a great success.  While this Annual Meeting was already different from previous years due to a digital format being implemented, the meeting was still able to  finalize the election of three board members to the Cape Fox Corporation Board of Directors.

Cape Fox Corporation appreciates all Shareholders and Board candidates for their participation in the 47th Annual Meeting this year. We are proud to welcome a new member to the Cape Fox Board, Michael DeWitt.  Michael ran to be a Board Member so he could be part of the leadership and help the company grow for the next generation.  Michael helped to build Cape Fox Lodge in 1989.  He has been an integral part of the corporation as a Shareholder and we are delighted to have his leadership on the Cape Fox Board.

Full election results and the new Board listing include:

Chairman: Richard Shields, Sr.
Vice Chairman: Albert White
President: Clifford Blair
Vice President: Tom Harris
Secretary/Treasurer: Candace Williams
Vice Secretary/Vice Treasurer: Clarita Seludo
Director: Charles Denny
Director: Crystal Blair
Director: Michael DeWitt (NEW MEMBER)

Congratulations and welcome to the newly elected Board of Directors!

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