Cape Fox Corporation (CFC) has grown its brand to symbolize creativity, excellence, and innovation. The CFC Communications team has worked hard to grow and expand the CFC brand. As a result, CFC is regarded as an industry leader and highly sought after as an expert in tourism and hospitality and government contracting. There is no better example of CFC’s growing influence than the awards it receives for creativity and promotion. In May 2023, the Communications Team were notified that they won two silver Telly awards in the 44th Annual Telly Awards competition. While CFC has won a Telly for five years, this is the first year it can proudly state it has won two silver Telly awards.

The Telly Awards was founded in 1979 to honor excellence in local, regional, and cable television commercials, with non-broadcast video and television programming added soon after. This year’s awards celebrated those who use their creativity and ingenuity to Break Through The Static of the ever-increasing ubiquity of video in our lives. It showcased winners who showed novel skills, highlighted increased diversity, and showed greater agility across the media industry.

The Telly Awards celebrate the best work created on television and across video for all screens. They receive over 12,000 entries worldwide. While the awards have 11 main categories such as Social Media, Online, Commercials/Marketing, and more,  Cape Fox was awarded a silver in the category of General – Branded Content for the Cape Fox FCG Healthcare Capabilities video and a silver in the Social Video – Not for Profit category for the Cape Fox Cultural Foundation fundraiser video.

Each video created by the Communication Team tells a story. Our stories may highlight the Tlingit culture as it does in our Cape Fox Cultural Foundation video. Or, it may tell how the company’s hard-working team of experts is on the front line of CFC’s success in our Healthcare Capability video. Cape Fox also credits the following for the success of each of our videos:

  • Cape Fox Tours Dancers are credited for their music in the Cultural Foundation Fundraiser Video.
  • CFC Board Member and Shareholder Kenneth White is credited for his art in the Cultural Foundation Fundraiser Video.
  • IT Services Manager Michael DeBerry is credited for his music in the Healthcare Capabilities video.

Cape Fox has a devoted team who works together to create excellence. We are delighted to be included among one of the great storytellers with these awards. Great job, team!

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