Cape Fox Corporation (CFC) is proud of its hardworking employees dedicated to its mission. In March, three Cape Fox Tours employees were awarded scholarships for continuing education from the Alaska Travel Industry Association (ATIA). Deandra Banie, Matthew Cutler, and Adrianna Oliva-Parks applied for the ATIA Professional Development Scholarship and were awarded a total of $2,179. CFC is proud of the Cape Fox Tours employees’ drive, initiative, and desire to continue to grow their positions and possibilities.

The ATIA Foundation’s mission is to assist Alaskans desiring to further their education in the travel industry through programs for students and professional development. The ATIA Foundation offers the Professional Development Scholarship program for Alaskan residents currently employed in a travel industry-related business seeking to advance or build upon their expertise in a visitor industry-related position. Scholarships are given to be applied to registration and materials for continuing education programs such as seminars, webinars, conferences, or similar education programs related to employment in Alaska’s visitor industry.

The scholarship awards for the Cape Fox Tours staff have already provided many opportunities for each awardee. Deandra Banie, the Assistant Transportation and Logistics Manager, has completed her ServSafe Managers Certification. This certification will allow the Cape Fox Tours food and beverage to excel further. Matthew is the Safety and Training Manager, and Adrianna is the Manager of Tour Development and Operations. Both Matthew and Adrianna completed their Entry-Level Driving Training and Commercial Driver’s License course for Class B with Passenger endorsement.

Cape Fox Tours has stood out for what it offers tourists as it grows and expands each year through new partnerships and adventure offerings. Cape Fox Tours offers food and beverage options at the George Inlet Cannery and Saxman Community Center. The George Inlet Cannery offers a variety of locally sourced Alaskan appetizers with a variety of locally brewed beverages. Meanwhile, this summer, the Saxman Community Center is transitioning to being the venue for our Alaskan Culinary & Cultural tour paired with a few different operators. Additionally, Cape Fox Tours has been growing its fleet of vans. Last year in operation was a fleet of 33 transit vans, a luggage truck, and then two leased trolleys and three buses from other operators. This year there will be a fleet of 51 vehicles, including eight new motor coaches. With the new certifications received by Matthew and Adrianna, they will be able to drive any vehicles in the fleet and train new employees.

We are proud of the Cape Fox Tours staff who have been enhancing our Tour packages and successfully growing their own skills and expertise to stand out further. Great job, Team!

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