The Tlingit Natives have a strong sense of family and community.  In preserving our Alaska Native heritage, we continue the belief of not just being a part of a community, but also giving back.  By making our communities strong, we are making each other strong.

Cape Fox Cares

Cape Fox Corporation (CFC) has always been mindful of our social responsibility.  Each year we organize and support many philanthropic events that give back to our communities. In order to deliver the best support we can, we have created a Cape Fox Cares Program. We are caring for our local communities across the nation, wherever Cape Fox exists.  We often support children, our military and first responders, and organizations we believe further and strengthen our communities.  We strive to preserve our culture, educate our youth, and strengthen our communities because Cape Fox Cares.


Children & Community


Our Military and First Responder Community

Lady Kings Basketball

Lady Kings Softball

Boys and Girls Club of Saxman

Tlingit and Haida Headstart Saxman

Junior NBA

Coats for Kids

ANB/ANS Camp 15 Easter Program

ANB/ANS Camp 15 Christmas Program

Annual Picnic

Toys for Tots

2019 Philanthropy Award

Cape Fox Corporation subsidiary Cape Fox Lodge won a Philanthropy award from PeaceHealth for the charitable work they have done throughout the year with their local fundraising efforts.

Community Highlights

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Keeping Culture Alive Through Art

Keeping Culture Alive Through Art

Cape Fox Corporation (CFC) represents the Tlingit natives of Saxman, Alaska. It is part of the mission of CFC to keep the Tlingit culture alive for future generations of our Shareholders. In 2020, CFC employed Kelly White as the CFC Artist In-Residence to create Tlingit art pieces that represent the values, colors, and meanings of the Tlingit culture. Over the past year, Kelly has created several artistic pieces showcased in many CFC commercial business locations or sold to those who appreciate the unique artistic value of Tlingit art.

Cape Fox Honors Tlingit Heroine Elizabeth Peratrovich, an Early Champion for Human Rights

Cape Fox Honors Tlingit Heroine Elizabeth Peratrovich, an Early Champion for Human Rights

February has several universally known celebrations such as Valentine’s Day, President’s Day, and Mardi Gras. At Cape Fox Corporation, February 16th is also an important day of celebration when Alaska Natives celebrate Elizabeth Peratrovich Day. Elizabeth Peratrovich championed for Alaska Native rights. She fought for unity and diversity. Diversity has been a core issue for Americans, and we are reminded of an Alaska Native heroine, Elizabeth Peratrovich.

Philanthropy in 2020 – Cape Fox Cares For All Our Communities

Philanthropy in 2020 – Cape Fox Cares For All Our Communities

This year brought many challenges that no one could have predicted. Yet, through it all, Cape Fox Corporation (CFC) remained resilient and united. This spirit of unity meant 2020 ended with another year of growth. It also meant CFC could give back to our communities and our Shareholders more than ever. CFC has always included in its mission the need to provide for our communities and make them stronger. It is a tradition passed down from our Tlingit ancestors. We are proud to highlight the philanthropy exhibited throughout 2020 because Cape
Fox Cares.

Furthering our Community

  • One People Canoe Society
  • Eugene Trout Scholarship

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