Cape Fox Corporation (CFC) commercial businesses have continuously stood out for what it offers its customers, from the best in food and beverage to a community feel and ambiance. Bar Harbor Ale House is one of the commercial businesses that shine in Ketchikan, Alaska. It is a restaurant known for its breathtaking views, a wide selection of beers, tantalizing BBQ, and culinary dishes that are both unique and savory. Bar Harbor Ale House gained significant recognition in June and once again emerged as a recipient of an esteemed award. Restaurantji bestowed upon Bar Harbor Ale House the prestigious title of being the Best Restaurant in Ketchikan. This accolade is truly a remarkable achievement for Bar Harbor Ale House.

Restaurantji is one of the largest restaurant-related websites, with ten million+ monthly visitors. Restaurantji highlights over 950,000 restaurants with up-to-date menus, photos, reviews, and more. The mission for Restaurantji is to find local standouts that appeal to customers and the community. Not every restaurant is awarded, though. They award only those restaurants with a high rating.

Bar Harbor Ale House opened its doors in the Spring of 2020 and has often stood out for its excellence. Their service is friendly, the location is ideal, and the food is award-winning. CFC is proud to have Bar Harbor Ale House as part of our Commercial Family. It is because of the hard-working, creative employees that have truly made the restaurant stand out. CFC is proud of the team that stands behind Bar Harbor. Great job, Bar Harbor Ale House, and your new Best Restaurant in Ketchikan award!

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