Krystal Martha Joy Turner, a Cape Fox Corporation shareholder, is currently working as a Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) at the Ketchikan Pioneer Home. While ensuring patients are treated with dignity and respect, she works under the supervision of licensed nurses and provides basic medical care with responsibilities ranging from assisting with personal daily needs to monitoring vital signs and dietary restrictions. Individuals considering becoming a CNA can be assured of a career that provides personal and professional fulfillment, with the possibility of advancement.

To prepare for her job as a CNA, Krystal approached Cameron Sivertsen, who works in the educational department at Ketchikan Indian Community. With Cameron’s help, Krystal was able to complete math and English assessments as well as an application for financial aid. She then took a two month CNA course at the University of Southeast Alaska which involved taking classes while receiving clinical practice. After completing her training, Krystal received a CNA license.

Obtaining a job as a CNA, whether you’re fresh out of college or have decades of work experience, can take a lot of time and effort. Krystal is now choosing to further her career by attending the University of Alaska Anchorage to become a Registered Nurse. Krystal wanted to share her story in hopes of inspiring more shareholders to pursue a career doing something they love.

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