First, thank you to everyone. From our Shareholders to our customers to our employees, I want to thank everyone for coming together as a team over the past few weeks.  These are challenging times, and I am proud to see the Cape Fox Team rally to support each other.

While all of the cancellations and disruptions we hear about in the news may seem unsettling, Cape Fox Corporation will continue to monitor this situation closely and make sure everyone is kept informed. We will continue sending out updates and continue creating an environment where you can stay online and still feel connected. The uncertainty surrounding the pandemic makes all of us anxious. As a reminder, Cape Fox Corporation has several resources available to you, including our Employee Assistance Program and our Human Resources team.  We also have each other.  Coronavirus is teaching us that we are all in this together, and we need each other for support.

 Rest assured that all of our corporate resources are still up and running as usual. Our customers are paying their bills, and the company is moving forward. There have certainly been impacts to some individuals, whether it is a shift to telecommuting, a furlough, or other effects.

 We look forward to moving past this challenging time and returning to our usual routines as soon as possible. In the meantime, please continue to read our email updates and to reach out with questions, suggestions, and news. We are always happy to hear from everyone.


Chris Luchtefeld

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