On May 17-19, 2022, Southeast Alaska Watershed Coalition (SAWC) and Ketchikan Indian Community (KIC) hosted a workforce development training at Upper Ward Creek.. CFC is proud to have been a part of this successful event by lending the Coalition use of Ward Cove for their training.


SAWC works to develop and implement collaborative solutions for watershed management and stewardship. SAWC coordinates workshops and trainings that provide the necessary tools, skills, and information to support community watershed management. The May workforce development training had 27 people participate; 11 were from tribal organizations (KIC, Metlakatla Indian Community, and Klawock Cooperative association/Shaan Seet).  Participants learned to do hands-on stream restoration work and how to thin/enhance riparian forests. 


CFC looks forward to supporting SAWC in its future training and development efforts. At the core of CFC’s mission is support for our communities. CFC works and contributes to several endeavors throughout the year in support of the residents of Ketchikan and Saxman because CFC cares.



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