Thanksgiving is a time for gratitude and thankfulness.  We take this time each year to count our blessing and spend time with family and friends.  This year has been one of great thankfulness for Cape Fox Corporation (CFC).  In the spirit of feeling gratitude and spreading cheer, we are thankful for our community.  To show our gratitude and how much we care, CFC used this Thanksgiving to give back to our community in Saxman, Alaska.

On November 23, 2021, Cape Fox Cares, the CFC fundraising program, sponsored a community food delivery to all the families in Saxman, Alaska.  This delivery occurred on November 23, 2021, before the Thanksgiving holidays.  There were 16 volunteers from Cape Fox Lodge and CFC Corporate Office who wanted to ensure that everyone in their community would be able to enjoy a Thanksgiving meal with family and friends.  The Cape Fox Cares program provided each family a Turkey and plenty of delicious sides.   We have had many blessings this year and that includes our Shareholders, employees, and community.  There are blessings around us, and for us, you are our blessing.

The donation was sponsored by Cape Fox Cares, CFC’s donation program.  The program’s purpose is to ensure CFC is giving back in the most effective way while still supporting our communities as much as possible. As Randy Pausch said, “Showing gratitude is one of the simplest yet most powerful things humans can do for each other.”  CFC is grateful to its employees, clients, and Shareholders who contribute every day to its growth and success. 

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