During these unprecedented times, giving back to our communities has become even more important.  Tlingit natives have a strong belief in family and supporting the whole community.  They believe that by giving back to others, you are making everyone stronger.  The Tlingit natives of Cape Fox Corporation (CFC) have instilled these same beliefs into the organization.  Since the beginning, CFC continued to do more than provide employment opportunities, but also support the Shareholders and the community of Ketchikan through other philanthropic efforts.

Announcing Cape Fox Cares

As the company continues to grow, CFC recognized the need to establish an organized, planned donation system.  This new program is called Cape Fox Cares.  The purpose of the program is to ensure CFC is giving back in the most effective way while still supporting our communities as much as possible.

CFC has always been civic-minded and community-oriented.  CFC already does much.  CFC put these beliefs into action.  Earlier this year CFC, in partnership with the Village of Saxman, spent the day giving a bag of essential food and non-perishable items to those in need. By the end of the day, 120 gift bags were given to families in Saxman, Alaska. Other examples include:

  1. Coats for Kids was done in partnership with the city to ensure no child in Saxman goes without a coat this winter.
  2. Support events such as the Easter Egg Hunt and Christmas for kids in Saxman, AK.
  3. Becoming a partner in MSEP to support employment opportunities for military spouses
  4. Supporting local first responders and law enforcement in Manassas, VA
  5. Participating in Toys for Tots during the holidays.

Those are just examples of what CFC already does.  But now we are opening up the Cape Fox Cares Program to all employees.  We want to benefit all communities where Cape Fox exists.  Charitable donations help better your community.

So, how does the program work? 

Each year the Cape Fox Cares Program Advisory Council will decide which charities CFC should support throughout the year.  Employees who wish to request support can make a personal request by filling out a request form and submitting to capefoxcares@capefoxss.com.  Examples of requests may include:

  1. Make a donation to a charity
  2. Become a sponsor for an event
  3. Sponsor an employee who is participating in an event like a walk or run

The Advisory Committee will review each request to ensure it falls within one of the Classes of Support.  The Program has four classes of support:

  1. A Charity that supports the city of Ketchikan or the Village of Saxman
  2. A Donation that supports CFC Shareholders
  3. Customer-related charity
  4. Employee requested donation

 Each submitted request will be decided upon within a four-week review period. Of note, Cape Fox Corporation is under no obligation to support a request by an employee. We also have limits on the amounts allowed to be requested. 

Individual donations can be up to $100

Organization donations can be up to $1000

If you wish to participate in the Cape Fox Cares Program, you can fill out the request form attached to this email or visit the employee portal and submit your request online.  We look forward to supporting our communities further to make them stronger, connect with our employees, and bring awareness to just how much Cape Fox Cares.

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