This year brought many challenges that no one could have predicted. Yet, through it all, Cape Fox Corporation (CFC) remained resilient and united. This spirit of unity meant 2020 ended with another year of growth. It also meant CFC could give back to our communities and our Shareholders more than ever. CFC has always included in its mission the need to provide for our communities and make them stronger. It is a tradition passed down from our Tlingit ancestors. We are proud to highlight the philanthropy exhibited throughout 2020 because Cape Fox Cares.

One highlight of 2020 was the recognition CFC received on February 28, 2020. CFC was awarded a Community Achievement Award by the Ketchikan Visitors Bureau. CFC was nominated for this award by members of the Ketchikan community for our philanthropic efforts and our business and job opportunities.

When the past year started, we may have been filled with ideas and plans for 2020. These plans changed abruptly in March when businesses started closing or adjusting to changing work environments, tourism was canceled, and individuals throughout the nation were asked to stay home to minimize the impact. It was difficult finding essential items in grocery stores like toilet paper, cleaning products, and water. CFC recognized that our community in the Village of Saxman needed support. On April 1, 2020, CFC, in partnership with the Village of Saxman, gave gift bags filled with essential items like toilet paper and non-perishable food to residents in the community.

CFC’s support did not stop there; our Cape Fox Shareholder Tináa Trust Trustees decided to authorize and expedite the Spring distribution to our Beneficiaries and approved a second distribution soon after. The Trustees made this decision due to the continuing economic impact to our Shareholders as a result of COVID-19. The hope was that it would ease some of the financial burdens many had been experiencing.

Summer for CFC is usually very busy as tourists visit our shores. In 2020, while we were able to reopen our businesses, there were very few tourists. As a result, on September 21, 2020, the Trustees approved a 2020 Pandemic Disbursement of $250 per Beneficiary for all Beneficiaries. We wanted our Shareholders to know that we were united in the struggle and understood the effect on their lives. This disbursement was to provide some economic relief to them.

Thanksgiving is the time of year we give thanks and celebrate with family and friends. This year, many celebrations were different as we minimized our gatherings. CFC wanted our community to feel our support and gratitude. On November 12, 2020, we sponsored a community food delivery to all the families in the Village of Saxman. CFC, through the Cape Fox Cares program, gave each family a 20 lb. Turkey, 50 lb. bag of rice, boxed scallop potatoes, and chicken noodle soup. CFC believes that everyone should have a rea- son to be thankful during this holiday season. Now more than ever, we need to see the blessings around us, and for CFC, our Shareholders are truly blessings.

 Our show of gratitude did not stop there. On December 14, 2020, CFC gave the gift of another special disbursement. As winter came to Alaska, so did COVID-19 as case numbers began to rise. Our Tlingit Shareholders are resilient and united. Family and community are essential to them. So, we gave our Shareholders the gift of another $150 disbursement to help them through the prolonged health crisis.

 CFC’s commercial and corporate businesses were not the only entities feeling charitable at the end of the year. Eagle Health, a CFC subsidiary, was proud to once again participate in the Toys for Tots collection in Colorado. Toys were collected for families who may not be able to provide gifts to their children for the holidays. The local U.S. Marines Toys for Tots Foundation then distributed the toys.

While we may be socially isolated during these challenging times, giving back to our communities has become even more important. Tlingit natives have a strong belief in family and supporting the whole community. They believe that by giving back to others, you are making everyone stronger. The Tlingit natives of CFC have instilled these same beliefs into the organization.

As the company continues to grow, CFC recognized the need to establish an organized, planned donation system. This new program is called Cape Fox Cares. The program’s purpose is to ensure CFC is giving back most effectively while still supporting our com- munities as much as possible.

We look forward to supporting our communities further to make them stronger, connect with our employees, and bring awareness to just how much Cape Fox Cares.

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